Back from the “Sharing the Solutions” pilot program in Burundi

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Image1The “Sharing the Solutions” programs aim to be incubators for new projects by assembling the conditions they need to happen.

These programs are implemented in three stages:
1/ Mapping local initiatives already in place in the relevant fields.
2/ Working with beneficiaries, having them assess their community’s resilience, visit solutions implemented by other communities and draft an action plan.
3/ Transforming the action plan into a project proposal.

The approaches implemented in our programs include the use of behavior change psychology to create conditions favorable to adopting new practices. A pilot of this program was held in Burundi, which allowed us to test our method and confirm it brings the expected results in terms of introduction of new practices.

Numerous solutions were discovered by the beneficiaries : beekeeping, improved cook stoves, loan and saving system and solidarity fund, family integrated farming system, 3 types of farming cooperatives, fungiculture, integrated fish farming, anti-erosion ditches, compost making, river bank stabilization and irrigation.


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