Highlight: “Solutions worth Sharing” workshop in Burundi

All the pictures of the method and the solutions in the  illustrated report !


The “Solutions worth Sharing” workshop aims to be an incubator for new projects by assembling the conditions they need to happen.

After a work of mapping local best practices which reduce pressure on natural resources and alleviate poverty, Resilience Now’s team works with communities, having them assess their resilience, visit and discuss solutions implemented by other communities and draft an action plan that fits the community’s needs and priorities.

The method takes into account behavior change psychology to create conditions favorable to adopting new practices. As a result, local solution makers are valorized and the community has a desire and clear strategy for change.

Numerous solutions were discovered by the beneficiaries : beekeeping, improved cook stoves, loan and saving system and solidarity fund, family integrated farming system, 3 types of farming cooperatives, fungiculture, integrated fish farming, anti-erosion ditches, compost making, river bank stabilization and irrigation.

Six month after the end of the workshop, here is a quick evaluation by the donor: “Dear Florence. It was really great to visit Association DukingiriKibira, Marie and Fabien were not available by the time I visited the association, but I was able to meet other members of the association, including Irene, Didace and Nicodeme. I was very impressed by how each of them could easily remember everything you have taught them and what they learned from other associations during the exchange visits, they have now started putting into practice some of what they learned; they are now making energy serving stoves (photo attached).They told me that they could do more if they get funds (and I believe them). Best wishes, Jean-Paul.”

All the details of the project here.


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