The 21st century gathers an unprecedented combination of threats to social and environmental resilience: climate change, food insecurity, demographic stress, economic crisis, fossil fuel transition, environmental degradation, political-economic turbulence, natural disaster and violent conflicts, all threaten the survival of populations and environments around the world.

Resilience Now is an initiative to support fragile communities in building resilience to the most likely social, economic, political and environmental threats they face. It helps them develop their capacity to design and implement sustainable and resilient livelihoods systems, which are specifically tailored to their aspirations and environmental context.

To achieve this goal, we use the principles and techniques of permaculture, a method to design sustainable and resilient ways of life. We also gather innovative technical and methodological solutions to the challenges fragile communities face from all over the world.

Resilience Now provides expertise and support to communities in need as well as the organizations that help them. It works in crisis, post-crisis and pre-crisis situations, in both rural and urban locations, in both developing and industrialized countries.

On this site you will find an outline of our mission and of our team, an overview of our actions and a host of resources to help fragile communities and the people that support them to build resilience. Please feel free to contact us.

We are now working on our SAP project in Burundi.